Eleanor White rating:  OK  (OBSERVATIONS only)
November 23, 2008
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BOOKS:  "Cause Stalking" and the earlier book
"Terrorist Stalking in America" by private investigator
David Lawson

REVIEW:  http://www.multistalkervictims.org/lawson.htm
(Includes ISBN information)

EW:  These two very similar books report on David Lawson's
12-year investigation, (apparently part time, not part of
his paid work,) into what he calls "cause stalking", and
what targets of this crime call "organized stalking" or
sometimes "gang stalking."

David Lawson discovered the organized stalking perpetrators
on his business band radio scanner, and ultimately
infiltrated some of their groups, apparently out of personal

Lawson's OBSERVATIONS of these harassment groups are very
accurate when compared with the experiences of OS targets.

However, Lawson's reporting of those responsible are NOT
accurate, when compared with what OS targets experience and
observe.  Lawson implicates these groups as perpetrators:

- extremist groups (e.g. white supremacists)
- foreign terrorists
- "anti-government" groups, such as the U.S. Patriot

It is very possible, given the large number of perpetrators
nation and world-wide, that members of those groups named
do engage in organized stalking.  SOME members.

However, this reviewer has been on line for 12 years, in
daily contact with OS targets.  Much detailed testimony has
been discussed.  I have not heard descriptions of the
perpetrators matching those groups named above.  Instead,
the typical harasser is usually an entirely normal member
of the community.  Some seem to be unemployed, but often,
the harassers are fully employed and some use their positions
to harass the targets.

Like the famous Milgram experiments (look that up on the
web) apparently the stalking group organizers find it easy
to recruit ordinary citizens.  Lawson reveals why - vicious
lies, up to and including faked police records - make
recruiting easy.

The bottom line, then, is that journalists, activists and
the general public should pay close attention to Lawson's
observations, but not his conclusions as to what groups
are responsible.

In my own reading of the Lawson books, his descriptions of
the perpetrators do not match his assertions that extremists,
foreign terrorists, and anti-government groups are responsible.

And as a post script, I am very familiar with the U.S. Patriot
Movement through their broadcasts.  Over the past 6 years I've
heard regularly from perhaps 60 - 70 of their radio hosts,
and many of their guests and callers as well.  I have
participated in their message boards.

I have not read or heard one single hint of any interest in
acting as organized harassers from any of them.  In fact,
the Patriots have had a number of organized stalking targets
on their shows to explain the crime to the public.

More than that, 20 of the hosts have either on air, or
privately to me, stated they are receiving some organized
stalking and electronic harassment attacks as well.

So my review awards a BRAVO to Lawson's OBSERVATIONS - and
that is why I've included his books here.

Eleanor White