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(Credibility rating applies to the accuracy
with which Gloria Naylor portrays the experiences
of targets of organized stalking and electronic
Review posted November 27, 2008

Eleanor White rating:  OK
November 27, 2008


Title:   1996
Author:  Gloria Naylor, novelist and target

The OK rating for this book applies to the accuracy of
Gloria Naylor's description of the experience of being
an organized stalking/electronic harassment target.  She
blended her own true experiences with her speculation as
to activities of the perpetrators in hiding, and the
appearances and characteristics of the weapons.

Her book cannot be used to prove the existence of any
particular weapon or what electronic weapons may look like.

Ms. Naylor's writing skills make this book an excellent
read for people who know little or nothing about the crime
of organized stalking and electronic harassment.

Eleanor White